Mountain  Valley Fellowship offers a Food Pantry Ministry on the 3rd Tuesday  of every month between the hours of 3:30pm-5:30pm, at the Church.

Pantry items consist of basic food staples and some hygiene related items. There are absolutely  no strings attached.  We freely give that which has been freely  given.  You are welcome regardless of your circumstance!

Our Food Pantry is operated in concert with our Clothes Closet.

Would You Like To Help Support Our Food Pantry?

While our Food Pantry exists primarily due to the selfless generosity of others, we have limited space, except for very specific food staple items and container sizes.  As such, our ability to shelf and store random varieties of food donations is limited.

We ask that if you feel led to help support our Food Pantry that you do so monetarily, as this money is put into a specific fund so that we may purchase the precise items allocated and distributed to each person or family.  

In this way, we are more able to closely monitor and manage the types of food we freely give while at the same time helping us to limit spoilage of nearly expired food donations so as to be better stewards of the blessings so generously given by our supporting members.

We will not turn away food donations, but after 30-years of overseeing such ministries we have found monetary donations to be the most efficient and uniform way of helping those who come to us in need.

Monetary Support

If you wish to support this ministry you may do so using the link below.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you prefer to send your support by check you may do so by making your checks payable to: 

Mountain Valley Fellowship

PO Box 420022

Haugan, MT, 59842

Please write "Food Pantry" in the memo field on your check.

Support The MVF Food Pantry